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The Bickells Love Our Pits!

Chicago Blackhawks star Bryan Bickell and his wife Amanda share something in common with Almost Home Foundation: their love for pit bulls. Because AHF does not discriminate based on breed, age, gender, or color of fur, we rescue many pit bulls. Bryan and Amanda created the Bickell Foundation in part to advocate for these underdogs. Both organizations work hard to correct misconceptions about this often maligned breed and promote the truth about these great dogs. It often takes longer for rescues to find permanent homes for pit bulls because of the incorrect stereotypes about them. Amanda and Bryan Bickell graciously offered their support to two of our pits who have been with our rescue for a long time by participating in a photo shoot with these dogs.

dog Our first dog who got to hang out with the Bickells is Powers. This boy came to AHF as a puppy with canine parvovirus (parvo), an often fatal viral infection. Powers overcame his illness a long time ago, but has yet to fulfill his dream – finding permanent, loving home. Powers, now three years old, has lived his life with a trainer but really wants to be dogsomeone’s one and only dog. Click here to read more about Powers! dog






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dogBoston Meier is our other pit who met with the Bickells. He has three big obstacles: he's a pit bull, he's black, and he's a big boy! Dogs with these characteristics are sadly often overlooked by adopters. Boston Meier is a loving boy who is very treat motivated and willing to work for them to please his people. He is quite smart and dogwould love to continue learning new commands. Like Powers, he needs and deserves a loving forever home. Click here to read more about Boston Meier! dog





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The Bickell Foundation sponsors a program called Bick's Pits. Each month a needy pit bull is selected Emmahand given support to help get him or her adopted. AHF's Emmah was selected as Bick's Pit in March. She's been with a trainer and is coming along nicely. Click here to read more about Emmah.


AHF is thrilled that Kianna has been chosen as July's Bick's Pit! EmmahThis sweet girl had multiple litters before being rescued and now is just looking for someone to love her. She's one of AHF's favorite with her soulful eyes and sweet disposition. Click here to read more about Kianna.



Dean Recently, the world lost a young pit bull owner and advocate named Dean in a tragic accident. Dean's family & friends wanted to honor his life through donations to the Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation to help pit bulls in need. In Dean's memory, this pittie is being rescued by Almost Home Foundation. This dog will also be named Dean to honor the angel who championed the underdogs. To read more about this pittie, please click here.

AHF shares Bryan and Amanda's love for pit bulls. We are proud to work together to champion these underdogs and advocate on their behalf. The Bickell Foundation has several programs to help promote awareness and the truth about this wonderful "breed." Other programs address abuse and bullying for both pit bulls and children. Bryan has proven to be a star on the ice, but it's his and Amanda's work on behalf of pit bulls that make this couple true heroes in our eyes! Click here to read more about the Bickell Foundation and their wonderful work!

Please take a look at our Featured Dogs or see a few of our pit bull mixes such as the ones below in Available Dogs who are waiting for their forever home:

If you are interested in Powers, Boston Meier, Emmah or any of our wonderful pit bulls, please contact us at dogs@almosthomefoundation.org or call 847-891-1599


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