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Saving the Cats & Kittens

We are often asked, “Where do you get all these cats from?” There is no shortage of kittens/cats and that leads to a sad state for many felines. Many local governments simply do nothing about a homeless cat or kitten leaving them to survive outside. Irresponsible pet owners who do not spay or neuter their pets are a huge problem too. AHF gets as many calls about "accidental litters" as we do about kittens born outside. Since Almost Home Foundation is a foster based rescue and not a shelter, we must have a foster home available in order to accept a cat/kitten into our rescue.

There are so many stray or abandoned cats/kittens that seem to find us (AHF) that we don’t have to go looking for them. Either an organization contacts us or an adopter or foster finds a cat or kitten that needs our help.

Sometimes the vets who work with us call on us to help a cat or kitten in need. There have even been kittens abandoned in the back of some of our sponsors' building, cats taken from a hoarding situation, or cats that were left behind after an eviction that needed our help. AHF has taken in cats of any age from infant kittens that needed to be bottle fed to survive as well as senior cats as long as we have fosters who can care for them.

Often, high-kill shelters are desperately looking for rescues to save the lives of domesticated cats such as Dark Moon. He is a wonderful cat who was waiting in a cage outside at a shelter to find a rescue before being put down. Click on the picture on the left to read about Dark Moon's plight and hopes to find his forever home.

AHF gets contacted every day from someone asking if we can take in more cats. There is no single group or rescue that has the resources to tackle the entire homeless cat and kitten population. We need the help of everyone. There are people who feed stray cats and watch them have litter after litter of kittens. These people find homes for the kittens, but do nothing to stop the cycle of endless litters. They aren't preventing the kittens they give away from starting their own endless cycle of litters. Kittens as young as 4 months may have a litter and the cycle continues.

Our hardworking cat fosters and volunteers work tirelessly every day for the cats in our care who are looking for a forever home. We also have volunteers that make runs to low cost/no cost spay neuter clinics to reduce the number of unaltered pets in our area.

To try to help with the tremendous cat overpopulation, Almost Home Foundation has a progam called AHF's Spay It Forward to help raise funds for Spay/Neuter efforts. There are other organization that have low cost spay/neuter programs such as Spay Illinois and groups that specialize in TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) programs to target the reproduction of feral cats, such as Feral Fixers. Please reach out to learn more!

Many people don’t realize just how desperate the homeless cat situation is in the United States. The solution is known...




Help Spay and Neuter efforts in your area!


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