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Kitten Season
at Almost Home Foundation…

Meet Tallulah: Just one month ago, she was a pregnant cat in urgent need of rescue at a high-kill shelter. Fortunately, Almost Home Foundation was able to rescue her into a foster home. A few days later, Tallulah gave birth to a litter of tabby kittens…

…and so it began! Tallulah's kittens were the announcement that the 2014 Kitten Season had arrived.

"Kitten Season" is the time of year when cats typically give birth. The season usually begins in the spring and lasts until autumn. For those unfamiliar with animal rescue, it's easy to picture kitten season as a time filled with cuteness and playful baby antics. Unfortunately, the truth is much sadder than that. The fact is that more kittens are being born than can be saved. The vast majority of them are born homeless, and they outnumber the number of homes available to them. Because of this, far too many kittens don't even survive past the first few weeks of their life.

We try to help as many as we can, but it requires resources: namely, donations, volunteers, and adopters. From now until autumn arrives, animal shelters and rescue groups—including Almost Home Foundation—are going to be overwhelmed with kittens and pregnant cats. It's a busy time. Any amount of support goes a long way…and that's where YOU come in.

There are several ways you can help Almost Home Foundation cope with kitten season. We're currently in great need of kitten-related donations: cans of wet kitten food, bags of dry kitten food, kitty litter, and KMR (kitten replacement milk) top the list. You can drop off donations at the Petsmart on Gary Avenue in Bloomingdale, Illinois every Saturday. Please help if you can—every little bit makes a difference.

You can also help by signing up to foster kittens, pregnant cats, or mom cats with kittens. Adult and senior cats need more help as the kittens come flooding in, too! There are literally thousands of cats in need during kitten season. Every foster home matters. For many of the cats, it's a matter of life and death.

Interested in adopting a feline companion? Check out our adoptable cats or kittens. When you adopt from a rescue group, you are saving a life—and you're making it possible for more lives to be saved.

The #1 way you can help? Spay and neuter your cats. This prevents unwanted litters from being born. Last year, Almost Home Foundation began a low-cast spay and neuter program called "Spay it Forward." The goal of Spay it Forward is to greatly reduce the number of unaltered cats in the local area. We are hoping that more people from the general public will reach out and take advantage of the program. For more information, please contact us at AHFSpayItFwd@almosthomefoundation.org.

Please take another look at the photos of Tallulah and her kittens. They're the lucky ones who survived kitten season. It didn't happen by magic—it took teamwork to make their rescue possible. With your help, Almost Home Foundation can save countless more cats just like Tallulah and her kittens.

Donate. Foster. Adopt. Spay and Neuter. There are so many opportunities for you to make a difference in the lives of homeless cats and kittens.

Thank you for reading about kitten season and ways to help out. And, thank you for supporting animal rescue!


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