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Does it exist? Does it matter?

You may have heard of BLACK DOG SYNDROME, BLACK CAT SYNDROME, BLACK ANIMAL SYNDROME, or maybe not. For many years, those working in animal rescue have talked about how black coated animals are slower to be adopted and quicker to be euthanized. catWell, as we look at research done on this subject, there are studies that confirm this SYNDROME and others that dispute it. So what else is new about research? It contradicts itself.

We here at Almost Home Foundation have seen this syndrome happen way too often. So, while we still see it happening, we will continue to try and address the myths and misunderstandings of black coated animals.

BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL! That is a well-known saying and truly doesdog relate to the animals. Have you ever spent any real time with a black cat or a black dog? If so, you would have experienced a connection just like with any other animal. Animals, whether black, white, brown or mixed colored has the ability to give unconditional love that humans are looking for. However, black cats and dogs seem to know their own plight sometimes and add something intangible to their interactions.

DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! dogPlease meet the black coated animals and SEE them for who they are beyond their color. Spend some time with a black animal before you pass them by when looking to adopt a cat or dog. Give them a little extra chance since they have so much going against them already. You may be surprised and find the best animal companion you have ever had.

BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP! Check out the personalities of the black catbeauties to see what beauty truly is. Please don’t discount them because they are black. Recognize within yourself if there is any fear or prejudice going on towards the animal just because it is black. Have you ever looked, truly looked at the shimmering black coats? They are beautiful, shiny, and majestic, just like Black Beauty, the horse.

Please keep in mind that it is harder to show the beauty of a black animal in pictures due to lighting issues. We know people like to look into the eyes of the animals. In pictures of black animals, it is harder sometimes to see their eyes. All the more reason to come and meet these precious black beauties in person at adoption shows. Up close, you can see into their eyes and make the connection you are looking for.

catTo help disspell myths and provide further exposure for our black cats, Almost Home Foundation has a special webpage dedicated to black cats called Freddy's Black Kat Club. See why Freddy and all of us at AHF love black cats!





Please check out all of our BLACK BEAUTIES. They all need forever homes and you could be the one for them.






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