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Who knew that 10 years could go by so quickly? Almost Home Foundation started with 5 original founders who were dedicated to saving cats and dogs and finding them their forever homes. We are “committed to reducing the number of homeless and unwanted companion animals through education programs, spay /neuter programs, and the responsible re-homing of dogs and cats through adoption programs.” AHF has adopted out about 10,000 cats and dogs since it started; averaging about 1000 adoptable animals each year.


AHF started out with a handful of volunteers and has continued to grow. Our volunteers give of their time, their energy, their hearts and open their homes to our homeless animals so that they have a second chance of finding a forever home. Even with the growth of this organization, AHF has remained an ALL volunteer rescue and we could not have made it to our 10th year without all the fabulous, loving volunteers we have had over the years!

AHF has continued to rescue cats and dogs of all ages, breeds and conditions. We do NOT discriminate against saving an adoptable animal for any reason, which means we have taken on huge medical expenses at times. Even with this, AHF has continued to be funded completely by donations. AHF puts on a variety of educational and community based fund raisers which are again organized and staffed by our fantastic volunteers. Our volunteers and generous donors (both businesses and individuals) are the backbone of AHF. We would not be able to do what we have done and continue to do, without the commitment of the Board of Directors, the volunteers and the donors. THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of our hearts for your commitment to the animals and for all you have done over these years.

AHF turns 10 years old in March of 2015. We hope to continue to do the following during 2015:

  • Save as many adoptable cats and dogs that we can.
  • Educate the public about the need to spay and neuter their pets.
  • Provide low or no cost spay and neuter options to pets in families who need it.
  • Continue to educate people about puppy mills and back yard breeding and the plight of these animals.
  • Continue to educate the public about responsible pet ownership.

Won’t you consider joining us here at AHF and do what you can? Not everyone has the ability to become a foster home to a homeless pet. Not everyone has the financial means to make a donation. HOWEVER, EVERYONE can do something large or small to help save a life!

You can help save an animal

  • If you can - Adopt; Don't Shop
  • If you can't Adopt - Foster
  • If you can't Foster - Sponsor
  • If you can't Sponsor - Volunteer
  • If you can't Volunteer - Attend our Events
  • If you can't Attend our Events - Donate
  • If you can't Donate - Network, Educate, Advocate and Cross Post

Will you join us and do something NOW. Please browse through our current volunteer needs on Volunteer Match to see if there is something you may able to do for the animals. If you are unsure of what you might be able to do to help, please go to You Are Wanted on Volunteer Match and tell us about your skills and those things you like to do! We are open for friendly folks who want to volunteer! Please realize that you must be 18 years old for hands-on with the animals for safety. However, there are things that children can do - especially fundraising campaigns! Click here to see how Ambassador Council students from Jane Addams Junior High School helped the animals of AHF!

We at Almost Home Foundation are looking forward to our second decade of saving animals! We hope you will join us!




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