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Saving the Dogs & Puppies

Dogs are not allowed to roam free in many areas of the US. Roaming dogs are captured and brought to a facility – usually an overcrowded high kill shelter where many wonderful, adoptable dogs are euthanized due to their space limitations. Many of these shelters have volunteers who desperately try to find homes or rescues like AHF to take the dogs before their time is up. It is through working with so many other dedicated animal organizations throughout the US and the public who supports us that has allowed AHF to save many homeless animals. It truly takes a village to save these lives!

Almost Home Foundation has a few volunteers who go to the shelter in our immediate area on a regular basis to temperament test the stray dogs that are unclaimed by their owners. We are proud that AHF has stepped up to save 95% of them. Our volunteers also network with other local rescues to ask for their help save the lives of these dogs. As we are able, AHF reaches out to Chicago Animal Care and Control as the need is always so great at this shelter. Once these dogs pass an initial temperament test, our volunteers communicate with our foster homes and see if there are any homes available to take them.

As we reach out beyond the Chicago area, AHF volunteers are unable to temperament test the dogs so we rely on the volunteers at those shelters to provide accurate information about the dogs so we can find appropriate homes for them. It is this relationship between AHF and these shelter workers that make the transition for so many dogs each week go as smoothly as possible. We've saved expecting mothers, puppies, seniors and everything in between!

AHF works with these shelters to arrange transports where some of our volunteers drive to meet a van on the leg of the transport or actually drive to the shelter to save the lives of animals. Meanwhile, other volunteers anxiously await the arrival of the animals so that they can be treated immediately with some initial meds like topical flea/tick treatments. Volunteers then walk, bathe, feed and put these dogs into our system to begin scheduling vet appointments. We are proud to have been successful in saving dogs from kill shelters throughout Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and a South Dakota Indian Reservation.

AHF has worked with other humane organizations to rescue dogs in horrible condition from pet stores and puppy mills. Our largest pull was from a pet store closing in the area where we saved 35 dogs at once! These dogs often need extra TLC as they have not been socialized with people but merely used as breeding machines for profit. Our foster homes step up to the challenge and work with the dogs for as long as needed to provide them with the security and loving home they deserve.

AHF has worked with other organizations to save dogs. We're proud to have worked with the Bryan and Amanda Bickell Foundation to save some of Bick’s Pits. In some cases, part of saving a dog requires A Little Extra such as basic training or eye-catching photos. The Bickell Foundation has helped us with both! Click on the photo of Frost and Blackhawk's Bryan Bickell to read more about this adoptable dog!

We are thankful for the help of our fantastic volunteers, dedicated foster homes, shelter groups, and other animal organizations. It is through people working together with a common goal - and the support of many in our community that has allowed AHF such tremendous successful in saving these lives.

Remember . . .

  • If you can - Adopt; Don't Shop
  • If you can't Adopt - Foster
  • If you can't Foster - Sponsor
  • If you can't Sponsor - Volunteer
  • If you can't Volunteer - Attend our Events
  • If you can't Attend our Events - Donate
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